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My name is Heather and I’m the Mum of one boy, my miracle little boy Isaac who is currently 10 years old. Isaac has ADHD and also on the Autistic spectrum. We live in Blackburn Lancashire.

Seeing Isaac suffer with low self esteem, low self love and worthy, often coming home saying he was stupid or thick and no one likes him I knew I had to do something to change this. It broke my heart. I started to implement daily Affirmations into Isaacs daily life by reading to him how law of attraction can work and doing the affirmations every morning before school. Reading and shouting them out together.

This really has helped Isaac and we saw a massive switch in his behaviour and at school.

I then bought him a children’s Law of attraction book which we read together everyday and he wanted to share this, so he did a Facebook live on my profile. This reached over 5k views he was thrilled to say the least. We had so many messages from other parents saying how their children were also struggling with the same sort of mindset and if we could also help them. It truly upsets me to see children suffer like this and we need to do something and help.

This is where my idea came from and Mindset And Me was born. Isaac wanted to be involved and he came up with the logo. I am super proud of him and this business is as much his as it is mine. It’s time to make a difference in the world.

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The flash cards will help all children and adults alike. You can either read them all together or pick one card to concentrate on per day. An affirmation is anything you say or think about yourself. All of our self-talk, both negative and positive, are affirmations.

When children are prone to constantly saying and thinking negative things about themselves, they will need to retrain their brains to think more positively. They can do this through practicing positive affirmations. Our brain processes all information on the spot, it takes everything we say and thinks literally. The brain doesn’t distinguish between real and fantasy.This is why scary movies scare some people even though they know what’s happening is not real. Therefore, when kids repeat positive affirmations, their brain receives it as the truth.

Regularly reciting positive affirmations can override negative thoughts some children may have. This can then reprogram their brains to think more positive thoughts. The more we say or think something, the more likely we are to believe it. If we can get children to focus on more positive things then they are less likely to define themselves based on their negative self-talk.

I have started with a generic set of 10 daily Affirmation cards. Then in the near future we will look at additional packs, age specific cards, printables, worksheets, journals and other merchandise.

mindset and me affirmation cards

I feel so strongly on this as children need to have that confidence boost, to be inspired, taught the importance of self-love, love of others and responsibility. Mindset is everything, it can help children develop and learn NOT to give up.

We want our children to be confident, resilient, develop high self esteem and ambition to achieve anything they want to in life.

Feel free to read our story on the website or follow us on our Facebook page.
We would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Dear Heather and Isaac
    What a great achievement and business model. It was lovely to read about your venture and can totally understand the importance and necessity of what you offer.
    I wish you every ongoing success.
    Kindest Regards

    Yvonne Rosney
    YMR Coaching and Development

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