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I’m Beverley Adam and for the past two years I have been an Independent Consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic.  I currently work full-time too and I am fitting in my Direct Sales business alongside this, as one day the goal is to be full-time with my business and have more freedom from the 9-5 desk job.   I joined NYRO after attending a party that my now up-line provided for a friend and at first was interested to know more as I only thought Neal’s Yard Remedies existed with their stores.  It was a fun and educational evening and after a few months, and being told by my friend and up-line that there was a new joining offer, I had to jump in.  My ‘why’ for joining was for the 25% discount but then after being added to our Team Facebook pages and seeing what other consultants were doing and how much fun they were having I decided to register as a business and give it a go.  I now have a team of 26 and am a Senior Consultant with my goal by the end of June of reaching Team Leader.  I attend our free company trainings when I can – luckily utilising my flexi time at work, and fit in parties / workshops and events around work and my family life as I am married with 2 step sons (plus 1 doggy).


I love being a part of this fabulous organic and ethical company and using the products as literally changed my life as my skin has improved and has my health as I haven’t had a cold in that time either (can’t be a coincidence!).  I have made terrific friends both locally through bringing these products in to people’s homes and by meeting fellow consultants and leaders that inspire me every day to reach for my goals.  I can’t wait for the day when I hand in my notice and finally have a ‘job’ that I love and grow an even bigger network of consultants and help them to reach their goals too.

Neal's yard

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  1. Wow, what a lovely piece! I love Neil’s Yard and my ‘favorite place in the world’ is Trill Farm which is where Romy bought and made into a cooperative when she sold Neil’s Yard! It’s a beautiful place to go camping. I admire that you’re able to hold down a full time job and still be so successful, well done! 😁

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