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There are a lot of different resources out there on what backlinking is and how to apply it to your blog or website. A lot of the information can get quite ‘techy’ and confusing, however; it is a necessity when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and your website’s ranking on google. I have put together the key points to try to make it a little more understandable and aid you in increasing your ranking on search engines.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is when a website puts your website address on a webpage of theirs.

Moz Backlink Diagram
Moz What is a Backlink Diagram

Why are they important?

They represent a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another. They tell search engines like google that your content on your website is valuable. If many sites link to the same webpage, search engines see that your content is worth linking to and thus worth raising your position on their search engine to make you rank on the first search page.

How to get backlinks to your website.

There are a few ways you can get backlinks, some however, can be discounted by search engines as they are not of high value. Below is a list of the beneficial ways to gain and earn backlinks.

“Natural” editorial links
  • Explanation – websites linking to your webpage content without you asking because they find it valuable.
  • Action – create great content
  • Pros – no extra work in earning these backlinks
  • Cons – you can end up gaining bad links from spam and none PG sites.
Manual “outreach” link building
  • Explanation – creating backlinks by emailing bloggers for links and submitting your website to trustworthy directories or paid listings on other sites.
  • Action – research authoritative bloggers and directories in your industry.
  • Pros – directories such as and google my business are high authority.
  • Cons – There are many bad directories out there that can damage your ranking.
Self-created, non-editorial
  • Explanation – commenting on other blogs and signing ‘guestbooks’ on other websites.
  • Action – start actively engaging with other blogs and websites.
  • Pros – you can be more selective about the websites and you can add your link yourself without any outreach.
  • cons – this can take time and work and has a lower value than some of the other backlink types in terms of ranking.

business planning backlink blog image

Why you should plan your link building strategy and some things to consider.

Consider link building as part of your marketing strategy. It needs to be targeted and have set goals. By targeting, we mean targeting the right websites that would most benefit your website as quality is counted for ranking, rather than the quantity of backlinks. (It also save you time and excess work). Lots of low authoritative backlinks can damage your ranking.

Some things to consider:

Check a website’s ranking for its relevant search terms

You can determine how highly a search engine values a particular page or site by some of the keywords and phrases that it targets. For example, if you want to rank for the phrase “children’s designer clothing” it would be beneficial to earn links from sites and pages that already rank from this phrase (such as children’s fashion editorials and magazines). A great tool for this is the free Moz SEO toolbar.

Check a sites MozRank

This shows how popular a webpage is on the web. Pages with a higher MozRank scores are more likely to rank higher on search engines. Search any site address in the MozRank open site explorer here.

Check a website’s page authority

Use the Moz domain authority score out of 100 on the Moz SEO toolbar. The higher the score, the higher the page’s authority.

Research what backlinks your competitors have

Search 3 to 5 of your top competitors websites on MozRank open site explorer and find out what type of links have helped them achieve their higher ranking.

How many links per page or post does the website have

Whilst not having a major effect on your ranking, it can still help if your website link is not placed on a page or post that has a number of other links on it. Check if the website you are wanting to get a backlink from, puts lots of links to various websites on each of their posts and pages. If they do, this may dilute the strength of your backlink on their website.

Consider potential referral traffic

Having your website link on a high tanking authoritative site which receives high amounts of traffic daily, can be more beneficial than the backlink itself.

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