cwtch media
My name is Hattie and I am the proud owner of Cwtch Media and the Living Wales Magazine. Set up two and a half years ago, we developed the living Wales Magazine to encapsulate the beautiful countryside that we live in, in the beautiful South East of Wales. A free publication supported by the sale of advertising slots. Full of local stories and events.


Not only do I sell the advertising spaces but I write and deliver the magazines as well.
After 18 months I realised there was still a gap in the market for really reasonable advertising opportunities, so developed along with my ever suffering partner, a digital advertising platform solution. Digital screens in high foot fall areas selling adverting space for literally a fiver a week.
It seemed so many companies set up, buy the equipment, develop an idea and after thousands of pounds don’t have a customer. And with digital advertising being the next big thing we scaled it down and made it affordable for all.


cwtch media tv


As a mum of two beautiful girls my family always came first and so both these business ventures give me the opportunity to be a mum that is around and a role model to show them that anything is possible no matter what the circumstances are.


We’ve certainly had our ups and downs and I’m sure we always will but I learn from ever little error and grow stronger every month.


We are about to expand into customer engagement packages for clients wanting to entice their already existing customer base. Therefore,  now providing digital screens and artwork packages as a whole.


Our website for the digital side is currently being created but will be
But our magazine site is


Pop along and give us a Cwtch (a big welsh hug)


If you would like to feature on our guest blog on LWB, email your story, 3 images and your social media and website links to

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