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My name is Natalia Nizynska and I’m professional photographer at Natural by Natalia – Family Photography based in Heywood, Greater Manchester.

Let’s just start from where I come from as this is important to understand my story.

I grew up in rural area, small village called Wiecki in far North of Poland.

It is a really beautiful place – blue lakes, wide green fields, magical forests and most beautiful sunsets! I love it deeply and I usually visit once a year. Its place were I can recharge and get my inspiration.

My family owned a small farm and we worked together really hard to earn living. Times were tough and we didn’t have much money. I’m the youngest of my three siblings so it was always full house!

Even though we haven’t got much we had ourselves so my memories from childhood are really warm. We could spent time mostly playing outside, climbing trees, having campfires with steamed potatoes and together we builded amazing tree house!

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When I was about thirteen I got a special gift – compact camera. I was so happy and in this moment my whole world changed.

I would take photos of everything from nature to animals and people. Especially my family. I documented everything so I could remember those moments. Now when I’m looking at them it makes me want to go back in time!

I never was brilliant at school, let’s say average. When I was eighteen I left school after real struggle to go through next class and I moved to UK to live with one of my brothers.

It was a whole new world for me but I done my best to make it my home. Learning English came quite easy for me but I had to grow courage to speak to people. It was really scary experience for me.

Sadly with time I forgot how much I enjoyed taking photos. I worked different jobs such as warehouse worker, cleaner, even admin assistant in advice bureau and coffee shop waitress. I loved gaining new experience in different fields and especially meeting interesting people. Still those weren’t my dream jobs. I was looking for something that I could call completely mine.

After few years living here I met my husband and soon after wedding our son, Maksymilian was born.

My life became stable and simple and this is when my spark for photography started again. I really wanted to save memories of my family and son growing up.

I bought professional camera and I learned everything about photography from foundations so I could capture everything it in the most beautiful way.

Now my mission is to share my inspiration and knowledge to create memories for other families.

You can find out more about Natalia and her amazing work on her website and Facebook page

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