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So as I had just four walls for company I found myself with lots of time and little movement.

My predicament, residing in bed for best part of five months had been due to a degenerative condition exasperated by an accident!

The pain had increased over 36 months and people had become used to seeing me crouch down rather stand straight and the latter months with a walking stick and wheelchair as my chosen mode of security, safety and transport!

I was stuck, in pain, bored and frightened! Was this it! Nearing 49 I was left immobilized and needing help.

The salvation came in the form of two products and someone who cared.

Heat lotion and freedom gel drink became my saviours! The heat kept the pain easier to manage and the gel to give me some movement! By no means did it cure me just made life bearable and less rigid. An operation, risky and scary would give that, but for the moment, it helped!

Having found Forever Living and a super, caring personality in Claire, I wanted to know more!
I read, listened and watched tremendous amounts of pluses and minuses but trusted my instincts and joined.

It has bought me better health but more importantly, camaraderie, friendships, ideas thick and fast, trainings, incentives and the courage to do live videos!

I am building my business with positivity, helping so many more people to love themselves and give their bodies happy nutrients for the whole family!

I swear by so many of the products because they work – genuinely! My path is to share with everyone, it might just make your life rosier, like it did mine!

You could feature on our guest blog on LWB by emailing your story, 3 high quality images and your social media and website links to

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