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So I’m sure we’ve all had these. The ‘I wish I could’ thoughts. I know I did, for years.

After three kids and the end of maternity leave looming I felt the ‘now or never’ feeling stronger
than ever before. Cue a conversation with another mummy. We both had a passion for
crafting, a love of sewing and a strong desire to make more out of our skills.

So, working around children, jobs and husbands Just you And me was born.

Initially we started in a different direction. I’m not ashamed to say we didn’t get very far
selling girls hair accessories. There were far too many mumpreneurs already doing this
successfully and we struggled to find a gap in the market we could squeeze into. We
learned from it. We realised we needed to find something to make us different, unique,

We found our niche in dog accessories. We’ve since expanded into gifts, housewares and
greetings cards.

Just you and me guest blog image 1

Our turning point was looking around to see which businesses we could work with to benefit
all parties.

We found a gem in Dogs Play park who allowed us to use a small area of their indoor
Play park as a physical base. They got some unique products to sell and we got the chance
to actually talk to customers and get direct feedback and suggestions. This was key as we
found lots of customers asking for personalised items for their breed of dog. Many of the
rarer breeds weren’t included in the mass-produced items found in high street stores. We
made it our goal to produce items for any breed requested – some of which have been
fantastic challenges.

We then found Unicorn Digital Solutions, a relatively new web design company with a desire
to help small businesses get online. They wanted the challenge of building a bespoke
e-commerce site and we wanted to keep costs low. Win win.

We’re coming up with new product ideas daily and loving the challenge, but know that we’d
not be able to do this without joining forces with other like-minded businesses. So get
networking peeps.

We’re still in the very early stages of our business and continuously modifying and improving
our products. As we learned in our early days , it’s good to re-evaluate and change course if
necessary. By doing so we’re finding the best version of ourselves.


You could feature on our guest blog on LWB by emailing your story, 3 high quality images and your social media and website links to info@localwomeninbusiness.co.uk.

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