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My name is Arran, I’m 23 and I’ve been running WestCoastCo. for a little over a year now. We are a small values-based marketing company based in Garstang, Lancashire, and we focus on social media management and advertising, content writing, hand-drawn graphic design, WordPress websites, PR and events for SMEs looking to engage with real people by talking about shared values.


I’m trained in fine art and events management and take on all of the graphic design, events and web dev projects that come our way, as well as certain content and social media campaigns.


I registered the company on Christmas Day in 2016 after receiving genetic testing results earlier on in the week that made me think “sod it – I’m doing what I want with my life”. Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6) runs in our family, and I decided to undertake a year of predictive genetic testing to find out whether or not I carry the gene. I do, and because I don’t know when the symptoms will kick in I want to live my life in my own way and help some people along the way.


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After my results came through, I also became heavily involved with the charity Ataxia UK, and I now run their support group in Preston for people with ataxia as well as their friends and family. Ataxia UK are also the official charity for a local festival (Down By The Riverside) thanks to our status as festival marketing partners.


As well as running WestCoastCo, I’ve recently started my own blog. It will mostly cover lifestyle and health (with regards to preparing for the symptoms of ataxia, which cannot be cured), however I’m also discussing some somewhat taboo subjects about being a woman in business that most people won’t touch on LinkedIn.


WestCoastCo. website: wearewestcoast.com
WestCoastCo. Facebook: facebook.com/westcoasthq
WestCoastCo. Twitter: twitter.com/westcoasthq
Personal blog: absolutearranel.co.uk


You could feature on our guest blog on LWB by emailing your story, 3 high quality images and your social media and website links to info@localwomeninbusiness.co.uk.

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