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My names Sarah, I’m 25 & I am the owner and founder of Birdie Barn. We design and create personalised homewares and gifts. I also co-run a free local business networking group for other small business on Facebook.


Birdie Barn was founded in June 2017 whilst I was refurbishing my barn conversion.
I come from a ‘farming family’ and so have always been very hands on, so to say! I noticed in the midst of all the tiling, plastering and digging that was going on, I couldn’t find any accessories for the barn exactly how I wanted them. So I thought, I’d try make them! I took a wander over to my dad’s workshop which is full of woodwork machinery, tyre changers and building supplies, whatever you needed, he had it! At first I looked around in a lost state thinking ‘where on earth do I start’ and I then noticed some old timber and a wooden ladder propped up in the corner. Those pieces of wood just screamed at me! I took the ladder into the porch of the barn and started sanding! Two days later I finished a lovely floral feature that hits you in the face as soon as you open the front door. I’ve included a picture for you to take a look at;


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I should also mention during this period I was in a bit of a crossroads in my life; my father had recently passed away and I decided to leave my current job in a high street bank to focus on the barn and personal affairs. I was constantly thinking “what on earth am I going to do with my life now”. I kept working on the barn to keep busy and started creating plaques that were getting a lot of people’s attention when they noticed them hung up. I also realised I LOVED creating all these items. Literally overnight, completely out of the blue, Birdie Barn was born! If anyone is wondering, the name Birdie Barn comes from my surname, Nightingale and of course, the barn conversion.


We’ve progressed so much in the last 10 months, creating birthday invitations for TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong, our very own range of signature scents for the home and also now, luxury personalised leather goods.

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 I have to admit as I write this, it all seems a bit surreal. I have always been creative and loved getting messy with paint etc, but never in a million years did I ever think I’d make my own business out of it! Saying that, I have never been happier! My advice would be to someone who is in a bit of ‘monotonous routine life’, unhappy with just plodding along because that’s how the world works; we get up, got to a job that pays the bills and come home, CHANGE IT!


It’s a common phrase; “Life is too short” but after seeing it first hand, it is the truest statement I’ve heard. Of course it is very scary stepping out of a safe job to something you have no idea is going to work or not. You’re completely on your own deciding things, which in turn means all the pressure falls on your head. You will have many sleepless nights, tantrums and tears. People will let you down, others won’t support you as much as you’d like and of course, you’ll get the jealous ones who don’t want to see you succeed at all. But the benefits are so rewarding. When you’re passionate about something you love and believe in it so strongly, no amount of negativity can affect it. Not only am I in control of my own business, I’m in control of my own life!


Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and of course, the wonderful LWB for allowing it to happen!


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