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Sian launched Outsourced PR in Edinburgh in 2016, after relocating to Scotland from leafy Surrey, swapping city life in the south, for the urban streets of Edinburgh, she retreats to her 1800’s renovation project deep in the Borders once the press office closes its doors. Enjoying walking with her beloved pups and her Edinburgh born husband Iain, whom she credits for their life changing move north of the border.

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Sian and the Outsourced team, manage accounts nationwide, from luxury lifestyle brands, food and beverage newbies, beauty brands to high end property portfolio placement. Securing major media coverage and brand activation success for their clients.

Here we chat with Sian about her top 5 tips to reinvigorate your brand in 2018 and beyond.

BLOG – Write, be creative, tell people what you have been up to, this quarter, stand out from the crowd with design, by investing in the software to produce hard hitting visuals to grab their attention! And of course, comply with the new GDPR regs with your subscriber list storage!

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INSTAGRAM – Invest some time into building a strong following, decide on a grid theme and stick to it, be active, be engaging and be informative. It is THE biggest platform to promote any business, with ever changing algorithms on the likes of Facebook, it’s important to utilise all of the swanky new options on the gram. Who doesn’t love a live vid, a GIF or a gram story? Perfect for the social app addicts. 

INVEST IN VIDEO – Dubbed the new king of marketing, video is so important for your brand, easy to make, informative and when people only have 10 minutes on their lunch break to whizz through, you need to get your product in front of them, with minimal effort for them to absorb the information. Whether it is Instagram Lives, videos to convert hits into sales, it’s worth it, increasing awareness by 74% over all other communication methods used by brands to promote. Video is the big hitter.

CHANGE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE – Rebrand and don’t be afraid to, invest in good logos, and use the new imagery thoroughly throughout your brand. Fresh look for 2018? No bad thing. Get creative and if you aren’t sure, call a company like us to do it for you!

INVEST IN GOOD PR REPRESENTATION – Of course this is my strongest piece of advice, after all Bill Gates himself, is well quoted as saying that “If he had one dollar left, he would spend it on PR.” We are proud of our contact book and we have worked hard to get it! You get back so many times your investment in the agency fees alone, in terms of coverage.

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If you want to talk to the team at Outsourced Public Relations, to see what they can do for your brand in 2018, visit; email or call the team on: 01890 883 287.

You could feature on our guest blog on LWB by emailing your personal story (no advertisements or promotions), 4 high quality images and your social media and website links to

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