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Halia Rose

I’m Sarah, a mum of two little ones (aged 2 and 4) and juggle family life with running my business, Halia Rose.

Halia Rose is an award-winning baby-proof jewellery collection that is stylish but also practical and durable for busy mums and active kids. Made of 100% non-toxic and BPA free silicone it can be tugged, pulled, chewed etc and won’t break (the jewellery is also dishwasher proof so you can keep them clean and as good as new every time you wear them!)

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I was living and working abroad in Singapore when I had both of my children so had no family support nearby and at times I found it quite lonely. With my first child I experienced a very difficult birth (emotionally and physically), which left me totally exhausted and my emotions were shot through so I found the first few months after having my son pretty tough. With only 2 months maternity leave, I obviously wasn’t ready to go back to the corporate world and wanted to spend time with my new baby so I handed in my notice.

Like all good ideas, they come from a need…as I mentioned, I had a difficult birth with my firstborn and was exhausted constantly (like all new mums right?!) Having always been a pretty resourceful and independent person, I hadn’t expected the mental and emotional changes within me. Of course I loved my son but I also really wanted to feel like me again and being able to wear something designed for me was part of this. My body hadn’t popped back to its pre-pregnancy shape so buying clothes was not something I enjoyed doing at the time but wearing gorgeous jewellery was something I could do. However, I couldn’t find anything that I liked to wear that was also safe for me to wear around my baby. I also noticed that colour really affected my mood and I recognised other mums were in the same boat. The idea for Halia Rose jewellery was born! I believe that every mum deserves to look, and more importantly, feel good (however old your children are!)

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Not only are all our accessories designed with style in mind but they are also chewable, which is great if you have teething tots or little nail-biters but they are great fiddle beads if you are breastfeeding and you can pop them in the dishwasher to clean them. They are also heat resistant, which is perfect if you’re on holiday (with or without children!) as they don’t get hot like metal accessories and won’t discolour in the sun.

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The name Halia Rose comes from a mix of my inspiration and roots…both my children were born in Singapore and I wanted something to reflect this as they were (and continue to be!) my inspiration plus also my English roots. Halia is the Malay translation for Ginger and Rose is the flower of England…my daughter also has ginger hair and her middle name is Rose!

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