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Finally taking that leap and daring to dream!

So, how did I start my Tropic Journey?

Well, Tropic is my ‘something for me’ I am still working full-time and training to become a Financial Adviser.

I have always worked full-time, even after having both of my children.  But, I have always felt the desire to have my own little business but had no idea what that would look like.

I have a financial freedom goal, as do many of you, I am sure. However, being a mum of two, working full-time and studying for exams that ‘something for me’ never happened.  The lack of available time was a major factor.  I had been approached by a number of direct marketing business over the years none of them got me excited! In order to sell any product whatever that might be, you need to have passion and belief in what you are selling.

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How did I find Tropic?

Well, it certainly wasn’t through me looking for it! If anything, I was busier than I had ever been before!

I discovered Tropic because I lady that I had known for some years, Amanda Alexander ( has started her own business through Tropic.  Honestly, I was surprised that she had, for a number of reasons.  Amanda was the Regional Director of a women’s network called Forward Ladies. In addition she is multiple award-winning coach and is a very busy women with two children of her own.  The thought of joining Tropic and setting up my own business at the time did not enter my head, at all.  However, it did arouse my curiosity as to the product range. I respected Amanda and I thought that if she was representing the brand, it must really be good!

So, I ordered the I ordered the skin care ABC Collection at £52 to give it a try.,skin-care

I tell you now, I love a spa day but have never been someone to do any home type pampering / skin routine or even paint my nails these days!  I made the time to keep to the daily routine and was amazed by the quality of the products; they felt and smelt just divine and my skin was glowing!  My little ABC routine became my evening treat at the end of each work day.

I decided after weeks of thinking about it and despite my lack of available time, that this was an opportunity that was shouting at me.  Therefore, I decided to just go for it and asked Amanda if I could join her team.  After joining I got loads of products to try (whoop!), an Award Winning UK Coach for support and further up the Tropic Tree Marie-Claire Carlyle –  a published Hay House author of ‘How to Become a Money Magnet’ for support. (

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So, what have I learnt so far?

I didn’t expect at the beginning of this year to be building my own business!  It has had lots of benefits; I’ve improved my time management skills, increased my confidence, built a new network and met some wonderful women that I now consider friends.  It has been an adjustment and I have need that encouragement from my team on occasion to be positive and ‘keep the faith’.

If you are considering a side hustle, something for you to grow over time, here are my Top 5 tips, from me to you:

  1. You must absolutely LOVE what you are selling, you must try, know and trust a product BEFORE you can successfully sell it.
  2. If you are considering joining a social selling business, do your research, ask questions, look at who your team are, who is your support network? The right company will provide you with ample opportunities for self-development, inspiration and encouragement for you to reach your goals.
  3. Check out the Pedigree of the company. One of the many reasons I felt that Tropic was right for me was their incredible pedigree: They have won over 72 awards and counting.   It has been voted ‘Best Emerging Brand’ this year and is still in its infancy at 5 years old.  Plus, Tropic is 50% owned by Lord Alan Sugar, someone for whom I have huge respect.
  4. If you think you haven’t got time, take it from me, if you want something enough, you will find that time! You will fit it in to those gaps where you used to scroll through social media or half watch tv.
  5. The most important tip I can give is ‘just be you’. People buy from people, so be your natural wonderful self and share the love for your product and your business will do amazing things.

So, to summarise, I’m Laura, full-time working mum with two beautiful children Oliver (7) and Emily (4).  My business is Tropic with Laura-Louise and if you are interested in trying the beauty of Tropic please contact me to arrange a Pamper Experience with some friends as my business grows from sharing my passion for the products and educating women on the benefits of natural skin care.


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